Aleppo’s Kantsasar Briefs on City’s Current Security

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Syrians walk through the rubble following reported rocket attacks by rebel fighters in northern Aleppo. (Photo: George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty Images)

Syrians walk through the rubble following reported rocket attacks by rebel fighters in northern Aleppo. (Photo: George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty Images)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—There are sprouts of hope in Aleppo: the threat of bombings has significantly decreased, improvements in everyday life are observed, solutions of water supply and electricity problems are expected, said Editor-in-Chief of Aleppo-based newspaper Kantsasar, Zarmig Boghigian.

The Syrian Army liberated the water supply company of Aleppo’s Sulaymanieh district and responsible agencies are currently undertaking reconstruction works. “Aleppo is deprived of electricity, however according to local administration agencies, the electricity station is also being renovated, and the electricity supply problem will probably be solved by New Year. The main problems are inflation and unemployment. All these problems will be solved, and the city will gradually recover only in case of establishing peace. The activities of Aleppo’s industrial districts – Sheikh Najjar and Leramun have also been restored. The workshops of the majority of Armenian craftsmen were located in the Bostan Pasha district, after terrorists captured and looted the district, the craftsmen suffered significant material damages in addition to becoming unemployed. The Armenian nursing home and the Arevik Children’s Medical Center of the district were also looted. Nevertheless, the Syrian Army will soon clear the district and Armenian craftsmen will be able to return to their workshops,” Boghigian said.

“Armenian colleges resume their regular operations, there is no crisis of food or medication in the city. Let’s hope peace will be established in 2017 and the population of Syria will get out of the panic situation. There will be no problems in water supply if terrorists don’t obstruct water flow into Aleppo from villages,” she added.

Recently, the Syrian Army, along with its allies, has taken control of 17 eastern regions of Aleppo. More than 18,000 citizens exited these regions by the help of the Syrian Army, and around 90,000 citizens remain in their settlements under the protection of the Syrian Army and its allies.

The danger of bombings has significantly decreased in many districts of Aleppo, including Armenian districts, as result of liberating these regions from terrorists. There are still regions under terrorist control in Aleppo’s eastern part, and the civilian populations of these regions are being shelled. The Syrian Army continues its advance and liberates new regions. The situation in one of Aleppo’s Armenian populated districts – New Village – has stabilized even more following the liberation of Bostan Pasha district, because terrorists were bombarding the New Village district from Bostan Pasha during the last 4 years, snipers were targeting passersby etc. Currently, calm is observed in New Village and in several other regions, but the situation can fully be stabilized only by the complete liberation of Aleppo.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Aleppo’s Kantsasar Briefs on City’s Current Security