Nerkin Karmiraghbyur School on the Armenia-Azerbaijani Border Renovated

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BERKELEY, Calif.—The Paros Foundation recently announced the completion of the third and final phase of school renovations in the village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur. Work at the school began two years ago and included the complete renovation of the wings of the school housing grades 1 – 12. The final phase of renovation included the kitchen, dining hall, hallways and adjacent rooms. The work was completed with generous donations from Mike and Patricia Starzer and Jean-Marie & Lori Atamian as part of the Paros Foundation’s Prosperity on the Border strategic initiative. The Prosperity on the Border initiative identifies and implements humanitarian, educational and development projects in vital communities along the Armenia-Azerbaijani border.

Children enjoying their hot lunch in the newly renovated school (Photo: Paros Foundation)

“The Paros Foundation has worked in this important border village for almost five years to improve conditions for the village residents,” said Peter Abajian, Executive Director of the Paros Foundation. “The Starzer and Atamian families have taken leadership roles in the vital support of these villagers through their donations to these projects. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and admiration for their support.”

Nerkin Karmiraghbyur is located in Armenia’s Tavush region, more than three hours from Yerevan. The people in this isolated border village live with the constant threat of cross border sniper fire. Many of the village’s men serve as contract soldiers guarding their section of Armenia’s eastern border with Azerbaijan. The village school has more than 110 children in attendance. In total, $110,000 (USD) was spent renovating the school in three phases.

The Paros Foundation underwrote all administrative expenses allowing 100% of the contributions to go directly to the project. Local materials and labor were utilized whenever possible to benefit the local economy.

The renovation of the school adds to the list of other completed projects in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur. In 2013, the village’s medical center was renovated. Next, the Kindergarten was reconstructed including the installation of Armenia’s first security wall to protect the children as they enter the kindergarten and play on the playground. In addition, family based agribusinesses have been established for six families with more families being added this year. The Paros Foundation provides these village families with the materials, expertise and animals that they want and need to significantly improve their economic conditions. Finally, the Foundation has launched a housing repair program to implement needed home repairs and additions for village families.

Formally launched in 2006, the Paros Foundation has earned a reputation as the “go to” organization to oversee small and medium-sized project implementation in Armenia. Beginning with our support for seven exemplary local non-government organizations working with children, people with disabilities and the arts, the Paros Foundation works to help build a sustainable and vibrant homeland while improving living conditions for its most vulnerable populations. To facilitate volunteerism, The Paros Foundation launched its SERVICE Armenia program in 2013. This Armenia-based service program for teens and young adults provides participants an opportunity to travel to and experience all that Armenia has to offer while helping make a difference.

Donations to the Paros Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Foundation underwrites 100% of administrative costs, thus allowing all donor contributions to be allocated directly to the projects.

“Please join the Paros Foundation’s family of supporters working to improve conditions in border communities through the Paros Foundation’s Prosperity on the Border campaign. Help improve needed infrastructure, provide humanitarian relief or launch family and community based businesses to build a stable, prosperous, secure future for people in these communities,” read a part of the statement released by the foundation.

For more information, visit or call (310) 400-9061.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Nerkin Karmiraghbyur School on the Armenia-Azerbaijani Border Renovated