ANC of Albany Secures Friendship City Between Troy, New York and Martakert, Republic of Artsakh

Troy, NY – The ANC of Albany secured a Friendship City between Troy, New York, and the village of Martakert, Republic of Artsakh earlier this month. ANC of Albany Co-Chair Antranig Karageozian thanked the City Council and Mayor of Troy at the City Council meeting where the resolution was voted upon. The establishment of a Friendship City between Troy and Martakert comes on the heels of the 220th day of the genocidal blockade that Azerbaijan has imposed upon Artsakh.

Welcomed for its importance in creating awareness about Martakert and the ongoing genocide of the Armenian Nation, the resolution allows for both cities to exchange cultural ideas and concepts including the establishment of economic and social ties.

“We know the importance of strengthening ties and relationships on the federal and state level, but are as diligent in our efforts on the local level. Thank you to Troy Mayor Patrick Madden and Troy City Council Chair Carmella Montello for their support in the establishment of this Friendship City. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our compatriots in Artsakh and wanted them to know that though they are faced with the unthinkable — genocide – they are not alone. We encourage all of our fellow ANCs to pursue this same agenda of establishing Friendship Cities and informing the American people — on the federal, state and local level- – on the active genocide happening in Artsakh as we speak,” said Karageozian.

Friendship Cities with Artsakh have been established throughout the Eastern Region between Granite City, Illinois and Ashan, Republic of Artsakh; Cranston, Rhode Island, and Stepanakert, Republic of Artsakh; and now Troy, New York and Martakert, Republic of Artsakh, this year.