ANC of Rhode Island Secures Friendship City Establishment Between North Providence, Rhode Island and Jardar, Artsakh

NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI – For the second time this summer, the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Rhode Island secured a Friendship City between North Providence, Rhode Island, and the village of Jardar, Republic of Artsakh. The North Providence Town Council issued the proclamation establishing the Friendship City with the goal of raising awareness of Artsakh – its people’s right to self-determination and the ability to live freely and not under the abhorrent genocidal regime of Azerbaijan.

The Friendship City and proclamation were announced at the City Council meeting just weeks after the ANC of Rhode Island, which has historically engaged federal, state and city governments to advance the Armenian Cause for decades, secured a Friendship City between Stepanakert and Cranston.

North Providence is home to multiple generations of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, during which survivors of the first major wave of anti-Armenian attacks that took place during the first World War led to thousands escaping to the United States for a new chance at life, many of whom found haven in Rhode Island, in particular North Providence. Over the past century, Rhode Island’s Armenian American community has established various churches, several educational and cultural institutions and organizations that have created a foundation for a flourishing community. North Providence and Jardar share a strong Armenian community, both of which are dedicated to human rights and dignity and are equally committed to preserving their Armenian identity.