Advocate 435 Project

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The ANCA Advocate 435 Project educates and empowers friends of Armenia from across the U.S. to communicate pro-Armenian views and values to their local Members of Congress. This innovative new program leverages our grassroots by matching qualified community leaders with their elected officials.




ANCA Advocates receive briefings about their local U.S. Senators and Representatives, regular updates on high priority Armenian issues before Congress, and talking points to help effectively and persuasively communicate with elected officials. The ANCA adapts its approach to each Advocate’s communications preference, reinforcing their skills in contacting legislators by phone, through the mail, over the internet, in-person, or at town-hall meetings.

The ANCA supports Advocates every step of the way – providing step-by-step guides, offering on-line video training, and even holding mock meetings, phone calls, and email exchanges to ensure that each Advocate feels fully comfortable in their legislative outreach.  We provide our Advocates with a 360 degree view of the challenges and opportunities facing the Armenian nation, distill our messaging down to key bullet-points, and identify the key legislators we seek to educate on our most pressing issues.  The last step – the most important one – is taken by the Advocate, as a local constituent (and often a voter as well), in actually communicating with their elected official.


In addition to our core aim of developing strong Congressional relations, the ANCA explores with each Advocate opportunities for leadership in other areas of the ANCA’s advocacy agenda.  Among these are working with regional media, building coalitions, hosting events, and organizing the local pro-Armenian community.

The ANCA values the special impact that each Advocate can make, and – even more importantly – the power that hundreds and thousands of Advocates working together across America can generate for the Armenian Cause. This type of teamwork leverages our greatest strength: committed Advocates across America who share our common shared devotion to security, justice, peace and prosperity for the Armenian nation.