ANCA Eastern Region Activists Host an Impressive Array of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Events to Garner Awareness

Watertown, MA – Local ANCs throughout the Armenian National Committee of America Eastern Region hosted an impressive array of commemorative events and garnered unprecedented regional awareness for the 108th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide throughout the month of April, culminating on April 24 – the international day of justice for the Armenian Genocide

Activists from across the Eastern Region stressed the importance of this year’s commemoration in particular as it is marked amidst a blockade on Artsakh – a blockade that has lasted 134 days. The commemorations, proclamations and events throughout the month shed light on the continuation of genocide linking Ottoman Turkey’s treatment and annihilation of the Armenian people to Azerbaijan’s current genocidal behavior against Artsakh – home to indigenous Armenians for millenia. 

“On behalf of the ANCA Eastern Region board and staff, I am so incredibly touched by the work of the ANCA Eastern Region activists. Every year our activists plan commemorative events to underscore the importance of raising awareness of the internationally recognized Armenian Genocide; but this year, they went even further to sound the alarm on the humanitarian disaster impacting the Armenians in Artsakh as we speak. Our activists empowered their fellow Armenians in the homeland by garnering the support of federal, state and city-level governments who issued proclamations, gave speeches, made commitments, statements for the congressional record, hosted educational events, community outreach and so many more initiatives — initiatives that are heartfelt and impactful,” said Dr. Ara Chalian, ANCA Eastern Region Board Chair.