122 Azerbaijani Fighters Join Islamic State

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Members of the Islamic State (Source: BBC News)

Members of the Islamic State (Source: BBC News)

PARIS (ArmRadio)—Analysis of a windfall of data from inside the Islamic State shows fighters of more than 70 nationalities joining the ruthless jihadist group, researchers said after examining thousands of records, AFP reports.

The analysis conducted by the Center for Combating Terrorism provided not only a composite picture of the fighters, but also an insight into how the IS is “attempting to vet new members, manage talent effectively…and deal with a diverse pool of recruits,” said the report, which is available on the CTC website.

The recruits ranged in age from 12 to nearly 70, although the average age was 26 or 27.

Only 400 were under 18 upon entering the self-declared IS “caliphate.”

The leading nationality with 579 new fighters was Saudi, followed by Tunisian (559), Moroccan (240), Turkish (212), Egyptian (151) and Russian (141).

There were 49 from France, 38 from Germany, 30 from Lebanon, 26 from Britain, 11 from Australia and seven from Canada, but none from the United States.

Azerbaijan is 11th in the list with 122 fighters. According to the study, fighters have joined the Islamic State from Georgia, 1 – from Armenia.

Thirty percent said they were married, while 61 percent were single, with another eight percent unknown.

Some 1,371 said they had finished high school while 1,028 said they had attended university.

Source: Asbarez
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