20th Anniversary of Arpa International Film Festival Preparations Underway

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Arpa International Film Festival logo

Arpa International Film Festival logo

LOS ANGELES—Arpa International Film Festival is one of the oldest independent film festivals in Los Angeles. On November 3-5, 2017 the festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, followed by a special Awards Banquet at the Glendale Hilton on November 5.

This year, screenings for our 20th year will bring a diverse tapestry in global cinema, with a stimulating selection of films that cultivate cultural understanding and global empathy. Call for films have been announced and details can be found by checking www.arpafilmfestival.com

We are very proud that our festival has solidified into the leading outlet in Hollywood for international cinema, exploring issues like diaspora, war, genocide, dual identity, exile and multiculturalism, while inspiring our local and global community to connect and advance progressive cinematic art.

One of the reasons of Affma’s 20 year success is our connection to the community as a whole. It is within this wholeness that we are able to form new relationships all around the globe and deliver numerous film openings, inspire many avenues for new projects so that our many gifted individuals achieve their highest goals imaginable.

Our prestigious Armin T. Wegner Humanitarian Award is extended to a special filmmaker for their creativity that fulfills our mission. Our International jury from the professional film community acts as a supportive body to encourage filmmakers to re-examine, explore and concentrate on their own creative development.

Arpa International Film Festival committee members

Arpa International Film Festival committee members

We are also very proud to search for, bring and screen films that are so important to our community. In previous years we have screened hundreds of films that have touched us, and more recently films such as Women of 1915, Crows of the Desert, Hot Country-Cold Winter, Lost Birds, When My Sorrow Died | The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin, Sumbat: The Life and Art, and our special screening at our 19th Annual opening night “Behind the Scenes of The Promise” with a Q & A with Dr. Esrailian and producer Mike Medavoy, and many more have created a great insight to the unbelievable imagination and talent of filmmakers leaving many of us in awe of their creativity.

Arpa International Film Festival committee members spend countless hours working selflessly to make one of the most important forms of art–film, reach our community, through these amazingly talented individuals from around to world, to inform, enrich and bring awareness to our community via their art. Yet, in order to continue growing our festival and its positive impact on the multinational film community, and to promote our own filmmakers in their creativity, we need the support of our community. Let us join in to bring this branch of the art to amazing levels. It will only happen with togetherness, support, and hard work which we are ready to undertake.

Let us remember what William Saroyan has said:

“Film is the best medium by which to acquaint non-Armenians with the Armenian people and culture. This is the only tested and proven means which other people use to familiarize the world about themselves. Why shouldn’t we do the same?”

Arpa Foundation for Film, Music and Art (AFFMA) a non- profit organization, encourages our community to support the upcoming film The Promise especially on the very first day of its screening in theaters on April 21, 2017.

Source: Asbarez
Link: 20th Anniversary of Arpa International Film Festival Preparations Underway