3 Armenians Elected to East Hollywood Neighborhood Council

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From left, Tereza Yerimyan, Shahan Suzemelian and Seta Panosian

From left, Tereza Yerimyan, Shahan Suzemelian and Seta Panosian

LITTLE ARMENIA—The Los Angeles City Clerk’s office in collaboration with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Empower LA), released the unofficial results of Sunday’s East Hollywood Neighborhood Council elections, which saw three Armenians re-elected to their positions.

Tereza Yerimyan, who is has served as president of EHNC since 2013, was re-elected along with Seta Panosian and Shahan Suzemelian, who ran as part of the East Hollywood Community slate, which included 11 other members. Of the 13 candidates 12 have won their bids and will be able to serve on the EHNC during the new term.

Yerimyan, who faced three opponents, received 320 votes, the highest number of votes than any other candidate. This will be the third term for Yerimyan and Suzemelian, and the second term for Panosian. The three will represent Hollywood’s Little Armenia neighborhood.

“I’m humbled to be re-elected and allowed to serve in the community that I’ve called home since my family and I immigrated here in 1992,” commented Tereza. “Elections give me an opportunity to meet the people I represent, which is absolutely amazing, because we all share a similar story. The uniqueness of Neighborhood Council elections is that anyone who is a stakeholder within the boundaries of the Council is allowed to vote, even if they’re not a citizen. This is unlike other City and State elections and it’s meant to give everyone a voice in the community they are an integral part of,” she continued.

Barring any challenges, the EHNC elections, along with other Neighborhood Council elections that took place around the City of Los Angeles, will be certified by the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office on Friday, May 6, 2016. The EHNC invites stakeholders to attend their next meeting, on Monday, May 16 at 6:30PM at the Armenian Youth Center on 1559 N. Kenmore Ave to celebrate the new board members and participate in the new business of the board.

Source: Asbarez
Link: 3 Armenians Elected to East Hollywood Neighborhood Council