4 Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed after Artsakh Forces Rebuff Attack

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Artsakh Defense Ministry release photographs of belongings and weapons seized from Azerbaijani forces who attempted, but failed, to breach the border on Thursday

STEPANAKERT—Special forces of the Azerbaijani army attempted to breach the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border on Thursday and were quickly rebuffed the attack. The Artsakh Defense Ministry reported that four Azerbaijani soldiers were killed and their equipment seized during the operation.

“Thanks to the high tactical preparedness and proper technical equipment, the subunits of the Artsakh Defense Army noticed the advancement of the diversionary group and pushed it back, inflicting at least four human losses,” read a statement by the Artsakh Defense Ministry.

Artsakh Defense Army suffered no losses.

“The situation at the frontline continues to remain under the full control of the Artsakh Armed Forces,” concluded the statement.

Thursday’s attack comes almost a week after Azerbaijani attacks on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border, known as the Line of Contact, resulted in the deaths of four Artsakh soldiers and left three soldiers in critical condition.

Artsakh presidential spokesperson David Babayan called the Azerbaijani attempts a failure.

“The special forces of Azerbaijan have been repelled, suffering human losses. At the moment we have information that the adversary has suffered at least 4 victims, but we are sure this number will rise, since the enemy withdrew in panic, leaving large amounts of ammunition, personal belongings, taking instead bodies [of the killed soldiers] and the injured,” Babayan told Armenpress.

“For Azerbaijani leadership victims are of no importance. For them it’s important to distract the attention of their own people by such actions from the existing crisis in the country and continue looting their own people,” added Babayan.

Source: Asbarez
Link: 4 Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed after Artsakh Forces Rebuff Attack