Abovyan Cyclists Ride for CRD, Sport of Cycling in Armenia

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By Anahid Yeremian

The sixth Annual Bike-a-thon from Aug. 10-13 to raise funds for the scientists of the Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) of the Yerevan Physics Institute was another smashing success under the leadership of world-renowned cycling coach Albert Soloyan. This year’s bike-a-thon had an added goal of supporting cyclists in Armenia.

On the road from Haghardzin to Ijevan

The veteran riders from the Abovyan Cycling School and the youngest of the youngest riders joined us at different stages of the ride. We stayed at an amazing hotel called “Maisian Kamurj” in Ijevan during our ride. The owner of the hotel, Vahagn, was extremely kind and generous toward us. For the price of an average dinner in Menlo Park per night, we were fed three hearty meals a day, had comfortable beds to sleep in, and unlimited access to the pool and game room.

Our ride started at the Haghardzin Monastery on Aug. 10, with a steep downhill to the main road. From there we rode to Ijevan on a relatively flat road with gentle hills. After dinner, Soloyan took us to the Varagavank Monastery on top of another mountain in the support van, something I personally welcomed. The next day, we rode to Goshavank and the day after to Makaravank, both extremely steep climbs. I confess, on some of the very steep parts I had to be rescued by the support van, but the boys were awesome and rode all the way.

The finish at Abovyan City Hall. Hon. Vahagn Gevorgyan (middle, red shirt); to his right, renowned cycling coach and leader of the ride, Albert Soloyan; and to his right, the coach of the Abovyan Cycling School, Armen Yeritsyan

On the final day we rode to the city of Abovyan. The steep climb to Dilijan was a killer. I once more had to be rescued by the support van, but those boys, so tenacious and focused, climbed all the way on their bikes. From Dillijan to Abovyan it was a relatively flat or downhill experience with just a few very shallow climbs, which I could manage. At the edge of the city of Abovyan, the youngest of the Abovyan riders joined us, ages 7-10 and as tall as the bikes they were riding. Together we rode to Abovyan City Hall, where the mayor, Hon. Vahagn Gevorgyan, welcomed us to his city.

We raised much-needed funds for the Cosmic Ray Division that week to repair the snow machine that had slid down the mountain to the valley below during this winter’s shift change to the Aragats Cosmic Ray Research station at 10,500 ft. elevation, as well as to support some of the championship quality cyclists with needed equipment so that they can continue to raise the Armenian flag at cycling races with their medal-worthy performances.

As we say each year, “This year’s bike-a-thon was the best of all.” We expect to top the experience next year and hope that many of you will join us.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Abovyan Cyclists Ride for CRD, Sport of Cycling in Armenia