ACEC Awarded $10,000 Grant from Belmont Savings Bank Foundation

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On July 22, a reception was held at the Oakley Club to honor the recipients of the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation Awards. Three non-profit organizations were selected from among 16 that had applied to the grant. The winners were the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (ACEC), the Watertown Education Foundation, and the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.

(L to R): Bob Mahoney, President and CEO of Belmont Savings and director of the Foundation; Paul DerBoghosian, President Watertown Boys and Girls Club; Renee Gaudette, Executive Director Watertown Boys and Girls Club; Pat Brusch, Belmont Savings Bank Foundation Treasurer; Robert J. Morrissey, chairman of the board of directors of Belmont Savings Bank and the Foundation; and Hal Tovin, Executive Vice President, COO and director of the Foundation.

These grants, generously awarded by the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, support not-for-profit groups, institutions, schools, and other organizations as a way of adding to the quality of life for people living in any community that Belmont Savings Bank serves. The foundation’s interests include youth programs, health and human services, education, and affordable housing.
As part of the grant application, applicants had to present detailed plans for use of the funds and agree to a timeline within which the related work would be completed. The winners were selected by Watertown residents from a list of qualified applicants by online voting. The ACEC executive promoted the competition through e-mail campaigning and social media.
In the case of the ACEC, a detailed proposal was submitted to upgrade the Lachinian Boardroom to a multi-purpose media room. Some of the features will be a retractable screen for presentations and films, and lighting and air-conditioning upgrades, among other things.
George Bashirians, the current president of the Executive Board of the ACEC, commented: “It is our hope that this project will be instrumental in realizing our goal of bringing better service and more modern amenities to the organizations that call our center their home. We are thankful for the generosity of the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation and are certain that they will share in our joy at the unveiling of the upgraded facilities. We are also grateful to Watertown residents who voted for the project and helped the ACEC win this generous grant.”

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