Alicante, Spain Recognizes Armenian Genocide

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Alicante, Spain City Council (Photo:

Alicante, Spain City Council (Photo:

ALICANTE, Spain (Armenpress) —The City Council of Alicante, Spain has officially recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia said representatives of all parties delivered speeches during debates in the City Council, who stressed the importance of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and its preventive meaning.

In particular, representative of the Compromis political faction noted that it is important not to forget the crime committed against the Armenians, taking into consideration that mass human rights violations are taking place today and thousands of lives are threatened in places where the Armenian Genocide was committed.

A predominant majority of political forces who took part in the voting (PSOE, Guanyar, Compromis) voted in favor of adopting an official statement.

The application on recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide was presented by Alicante’s “Armenia” association.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Alicante, Spain Recognizes Armenian Genocide