Andean Parliament Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Condemns its Denial

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MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (A.W.)—The Andean Parliament, the legislative body composed of representatives of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, approved a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide and condemning its denial on Sept. 17, reported Agencia Prensa Armenia.

Seat of the Andean Parliament in Bogota (Photo: Pedro Felipe)

The resolution recognizes the “Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire between the years 1915-1923,” and condemns “any policy of denial with respect to genocide and crimes against humanity suffered by the Armenian nation.”

The resolution, which was presented by the representative of Ecuador Pedro de la Cruz, and unanimously accepted at a meeting of the organization in Montevideo, expresses its solidarity with the Armenian people and Armenian communities of the diaspora. The resolution also urges the international community to “acknowledge this historical fact as an unconditional support for truth and justice and as a form of rejection of such acts that shame all humanity.”

Founded on Oct. 25, 1979, the Andean Parliament is the legislative assembly of the Andean Community. Since 1996 it has been endowed with the function of political control of the Andean Integration System (Sistema Andino de Integracion), composed of the Andean Council of Presidents, the Andean Council of Foreign Affairs, the Andean Community Commission, the Andean Community General Secretariat, and the Andean Community Court of Justice.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Andean Parliament Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Condemns its Denial