Ararat Brandy Wins Gold at International Competition

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Ararat's 6-year-old Ani Brandy

Ararat’s 6-year-old Ani Brandy

BERLIN, Germany—Ararat’s Ani 6-year-old brandy received a gold medal at the Berlin International Spirits Competition, alongside Austria’s Krauss Apple Brandy. An award was also given to Yerevan Brandy Factory as “Armenia’s Distillery of the Year.”

The competition was held in Berlin, Germany from March 5-6, which featured nearly 400 spirits from over 20 countries worldwide.

Ararat is the first Armenian brand to represent Armenia in this competition.

The company has also won awards from the San Francisco International Wine and Spirits Competition, as well as the World Spirits Awards.

According to the BISC website, the results from the competition “will be distributed to our international media partners, as well as international importers who rely on our competition to help them determine which products boast the best quality in their price range,” in addition to being featured in tasting events throughout the year.

Source: Asbarez
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