ARF Bureau, Supreme Council Hold a Joint Session in Yerevan

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YEREVAN (A.W.)—A joint session of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau and the party’s Supreme Council of Armenia was held on July 17, during which a joint declaration was adopted and published. The statement hailed Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s government’s activities.

A scene from the joint session (Photo:

“Armenia has entered a qualitatively new stage of development. Changes in the legislative and public governance systems resulting from the constitutional reforms open up new opportunities for the development of the state and society in the building of a modern democratic nation,” read a part of the statement.

The statement also noted that the issue of security of both Armenia and Artsakh continues to be the focus of the party’s agenda.

The ARF’s role in the ruling coalition was also assessed in the statement. “Examining the results of the work done, the joint session of the ARF Bureau and the Supreme Council states that the ARF’s involvement in the coalition with the RPA plays a central role in the process of implementing systematic and deep changes in Armenia,” the statement read.

ARF Armenia regional gomideh representatives, ARF parliamentarians, as well as high-ranking ARF government officials participated in the joint session.

The statement is available in its entirety (in Armenian) here.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ARF Bureau, Supreme Council Hold a Joint Session in Yerevan