ARF Says ‘There is a Way Out’

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Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

YEREVAN–The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun Supreme Body of Armenia issued an announcement Friday decrying the armed standoff that has been going on in Yerevan for six days and says “There is a way Out” of the current crisis.

Below is an English translation provided for publication by the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia.

Declaration of the A.R.F.-Dashnaktsutyun Supreme Body of Armenia
It is the sixth day that the citizens of Armenia and the Armenian people are facing a new temptation. A group of people, who do not accept the methods and means of political struggle, are demanding political changes by taking up arms. There is a deadlock situation; there is a crisis of thought. The future of the country depends on which mentality prevails, on what resolution we reach. In this situation, everyone, be it an individual or public-political group, is obliged to take a clear stance.

Hours after the occupation of the police station, when it still was not clear that a colonel had fallen, the A.R.F.-Dashnaktsutyun expressed its position: yes, qualitative changes are necessary, but extremist thought does not bring those changes closer, it distances those changes. Issues cannot be resolved by taking up arms, by violence, by hostages, by terrorism. The goal by in itself does not justify the means.

Whoever thinks the opposite or assists those who think the opposite, directly excludes the prospect of a strong, well-organized, free country. By creating the illusion that they are struggling for good governance, for a good Armenia, in fact they are destroying Armenia.

The claims that there are no other ways to change the dire situation of our country are false and fabricated.

There is a way out. But that way requires work, conscious organization, assembly of free citizens, and consistent struggle against all phenomena that weaken us, the foundations of all of which are being created, albeit with difficulty.

Profanity, animosity, hatred, violence, or the neglect of the just expectations and dissatisfaction of the people always sow discord and destroy the collective potential of all Armenians. The unimaginable national accord created after the four-day war, today is seriously threatened.

Truth is always bitter, but not saying it is irresponsible and cowardly.

After October 27 and March 1st, this is the third blow caused to our statehood. There is the danger that once again we will lose time, which is fraught with the threat of new losses on both internal and external fronts. Not to understand this, not to condemn the incident, means playing into the hands of our enemies.

The A.R.F.-Dashnaktsutyun seeks the settlement of the current situation exclusively by peaceful means, considers new bloodshed as unacceptable, demands professionalism from law enforcing agencies, demands that the rights and dignity of law-abiding citizens be respected, and strongly condemns non-political methods and extremist thinking.

We can and will have a strong, free and thriving Armenia. Along that road, we must forge a government of new quality. We will take that road together with the wide circles of society who too are guided by these values and consciousness.

A.R.F.-Dashnaktsutyun Supreme Body of Armenia
22 July 2016

Source: Asbarez
Link: ARF Says ‘There is a Way Out’