Armenia (n.)

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The Sardarabad Memorial Complex (Photo: Rupen Janbazian/The Armenian Weekly)

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A complete turning point. The Battle of Sartarabad took place from May 21-29, 1918, and became a complete turning point in the history of Armenia. It is credited with halting Ottoman advances into Armenia and essentially stopping the complete annihilation its people. The battle’s impact has been studied and written about by many historians including Christopher J. Walker who wrote in one of his books that if Armenia lost the battle of Sartarabad, “it is perfectly possible that the word ‘Armenia’ would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term.”

News flash: we won.

Armenia is not an “antique geographical term.” It is alive and well. It beats within the hearts of millions and stretches into every corner of the world. It’s sung loud and clear and bright and red. Armenia lives, and there is proof. Here are our definitions of Armenia–none of which are antique:

Armenia (n.) a place where you feel at home; comfort

Armenian (adj.) passionate about culture, history, and language

Armenia (n.) a place where we can speak our native language and everyone understands

Armenian (adj.) has an Armenian background and holds all the morals and values an Armenian should home

Armenia (n.) place where the is culture, family, and great summer memories

Armenian (n.) a person who feeds you more than your grandmother

Armenia (n.) a beautiful country we call our homeland filled with only happy memories of summer vacations with friends and family

Armenian (n.) any person of Armenian descent which automatically makes them one of the best people on the planet

Armenia (n.) any area where there are multiple Armenians where the culture of the Armenian people are upheld

Armenian (n.) anyone who is a descendant of historic Armenia and has Armenian blood running through their veins

Armenia (n.) the modern-day country that remains from historic Armenia and acs as a common place for the diaspora to reconnect with each other as well as one of the oldest ancient countries that remains on present day maps

Armenian (adj.) hairy; jeweler; rich background and history

Armenian (n.) a person who makes you feel safe; like family; shares same culture; feeds you even if you’re full

Armenian (adj.) full of culture

Armenia (n.) a home/ country which provides culture, family, history and love to everyday life; a place in honor of our ancestors and a constant reminder of their bravery; a place to reunite with long time friends and to create new ones

Armenia (n.) the only place in the world that could stage a revolution under the blissfulness of dance

Armenian (adj.) (as in food) buttery, garlicky, over-abundance

Armenia (n.) a second home; a place I go to feel at peace

Armenia (n.) the best summer of my life

Armenian (n.) a person filled with culture

Armenian (adj.) possessing the quality to fight aimlessly over paying the bill at a restaurant

Armenian (n.) an individual with passion and a drive to have their voice heard

Armenia (n.) the motherland; the reason we are who we are; identity; home

Armenian (adj.) someone who always knows how to have a good time no matter what and will do anything to make it happen

Armenian (n.) a person who will give you love, comfort, support, motivation, joy and stability even if you just me them ten minutes ago

Armenian (adj.) describes the type of household that is always ready for guests

Armenian (adj.) strong; full of love

Armenia (n.) a country doused in flavor, culture, song, and pride

Armenia (n.) the regular gatherings of old and new generations of Armenians keeping the culture alive and strong

Armenian (adj.) describes a medz who can out-cook anyone

Armenia (n.) home away from home

Armenian (v.) to keep old traditions while progressing and adapting for the future;

Armenian (n.) one who is familiar with the history, language, and way of life of the Armenian community

Armenian (n.) someone you can call a brother/sister without even really getting to know them

Armenian (adj.) emotional, passionate, stubborn, exaggerated

Armenia (n.) land of pink stone and apricots; mother of mountains; home of the fiercest people

Armenia (n.) land where the color red was invented–the color red INVENTED in Armenian by Armenians–the entire color red people

Armenian (n.) Vartan Mamigonian’s great-great-great-great-great grandchild–indisputable

Armenia (n.) (as in New Armenia) the product of two Armenians meeting anywhere in the world

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