Armenian EyeCare Project Launches New Website

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Armenian EyeCare Project  launches new website

Armenian EyeCare Project launches new website

NEWPORT BEACHDedicated to the prevention of avoidable blindness and to providing quality eye care to all Armenians regardless of their economic status, the Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP) is excited to introduce their new website to friends and supporters. The new website kicks off a year-long celebration of the Project’s 25th Anniversary next year — 1992 – 2017 — at

In discussing the new website Dr. Roger Ohanesian, Founder and President of the Armenian EyeCare Project, said “We’re doing big things in Armenia and we want to share them with the world. At a time of such activity and excitement at the EyeCare Project, we are thrilled to tell our story to friends and supporters.”

With a colorful design and an Armenian flair, the new and enriched site shares the Project’s latest programs, along with its 25-year history and accomplishments. “What We Do” includes the Project’s five-point strategy — medical education and training, direct patient care, public education, research, and capacity building — with its four major programs — Five for Five, the development of Five Regional Eye Clinics throughout Armenia for $5 million; Subspecialty Clinics  — eight clinics directed by the Project’s U.S.-trained Fellows; the Center of Excellence for the Prevention of Infant and Childhood Blindness; and the Project’s hallmark — the Mobile Eye Hospital.

In addition to articles and stories, the organization encourages visitors to explore the “Grand Opening” of its new website by watching some of its more than 40 powerful videos — patient stories, physician biographies and more — and taking virtual tours of the Mobile Eye Hospital, the Center of Excellence, and other facilities.

The EyeCare Project would also like to introduce its Board of Directors; the Armenian and U.S. professional staffs; and the Armenian and U.S. ophthalmologists along with all others who constitute the Project’s team through their website biographies.  

The new AECP website has a special section on Armenia — the cradle of civilization — a tiny country the size of Maryland with a tumultuous past, a rich heritage and a beautiful culture whose artistic expressions are at the very heart of its identity. Learn about everything from the geography of Armenia to traditions, history, music and dance, textiles and more — with each section highlighted with beautiful photographs.

The new website will also introduce visitors to the wonders of the eye and the magnificence of eyesight — the eye is the most complex organ after the brain and our eyes are responsible for 90 percent of all the information we learn throughout our lives. You will learn how your eye works like a camera, about the anatomy of the eye and important information on eye safety at home, when playing sports and in the workplace as well as first aid for the eye with special sections for children, teens and parents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Project encourages everyone to visit its website often as the organization embarks on its 25th anniversary year. Visitors will learn about the many activities planned throughout the year and across the country in celebration of 25 years of Bringing Sight to Armenian Eyes so they can participate in its endeavors.

So whether friends and visitors want to explore the Project’s many accomplishments through the years, learn about the organization’s history, meet its doctors and staff, discover more about Armenia’s heritage or the wonders of eyesight, its new website is a wealth of interesting and fun information including myths about the eyes, optical illusions and eye care statistics.

Please visit the Project’s website — and send them an E-Mail — they’d love to hear from you! If you would like additional information, you can contact their California office at 949-933-4069. For donations, please visit

Source: Asbarez
Link: Armenian EyeCare Project Launches New Website