‘Armenians Got Talent!’ in Worcester

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By Charles K. Der Kazarian

“Hye Spirit” is alive and well in Worcester, Mass.! The parishioners of the Armenian Church of Our Saviour confirmed this reality by presenting “Armenians Got Talent!” in the Church’s Cultural Center on June 25. Billed as “Fun for All Ages,” the talent show featured performers of all ages in a wide variety of musical acts with singing, dancing, and instrumental performances.

The ACOOS Kids have fun with ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame.’

Talent Coordinator Linda Bullock was the capable M.C. for the evening and kept the flow of the acts moving at a brisk pace. Diana Ross and The Supremes (Manoushag Garabedian, Margo Masmanian, Arpy Migridichian, Betty Orsi, and Marion Yagoobian) started the show with rollicking version of “Stop! In the Name of Love.” They set the accomplished tone for the entire program which included solo and group instrumental performances, solo and group vocal performances, solo and group dance numbers, recitations in Armenian and English, plus a surprise performance by the Not Performing Men’s Group. The Finale was “We Are the World” sung by the entire cast.

Reverend Aved Terzian, Pastor of the Armenian Church of Our Saviour, in his closing remarks, thanked everyone for their participation and support, especially the performers, parents, and volunteers who devoted much time and effort in making “Armenians Got Talent!” a great success. Specific praise and congratulations were given to Bullock and husband Ben Bullock for their leadership, encouragement, and creativity in putting together such an outstanding showcase of Armenian talent. He commented that this was truly an international affair and we, as a family, should be happy and proud of our heritage, our church, and our faith.

The Dance Team Members perform to ‘Theme from Rocky’

To close the evening’s event, the over 200 in attendance enjoyed a lavish buffet of Armenian food and delicacies chaired by Beth Bedrosian and Nancy Bedrosian. The artwork on each table was by Alissa Der Kazarian.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ‘Armenians Got Talent!’ in Worcester