Armenia’s Minorities Urge World to Recognize Armenian Genocide

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Leaders from Armenia’s various ethnic minority groups at a press conference in Yerevan
YEREVAN—Representatives of ethnic minorities living in Armenia issued a united statement this week in an efforts to call the attention of the world to the Armenian Genocide, which still awaits justice one hundred years later. The groups have thus addressed a message to the leaders of all the UN member states.
The letter, cosigned by groups representing 11 national minorities in Armenia, strongly condemns the genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, demands world leaders to “establish justice and restore the rights of the national minorities residing in Turkey.”
“As descendants of the peoples that have seen consequences of the genocide, and are aware of the bitter results of denialism, we call on the Ambassadors of the UN member states to condemn the crime of genocide committed in the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago and anticipate an adequate assessment of this heaviest crime against humanity,” the letter reads.
Representative of the Armenian Assyrian community Razmik Khostoyev said, “The material demands from Turkey are between the lines.” He believes claiming lands from Turkey is still untimely.
Siaband Bakoyan, representative of Armenia’s Yezidi community said, “The failure to condemn results in new crimes. In this particular case I mean the mass killing of Yezidis in the Middle East starting from August 2, 2014,” he said.
Adelina Livshic from the Jewish community said that “many in Israel accept there was genocide, but one should remember about geopolitics.”

Source: Daily
Link: Armenia’s Minorities Urge World to Recognize Armenian Genocide