ARS ‘Mayr’ Chapter Holds Mother-Daughter Tea Party

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NEW YORK—The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) “Mayr” chapter held its traditional recruiting party last month. The purpose of the Mother-Daughter Tea Party, which was held in the gracious and beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Narine and Sandy Petropoulos, was to encourage mothers within the organization to attend with their daughters—potential future members of the organization.

Ungerouhi Lalig Vartanian, the vice chair of the “Mayr” chapter executive board delivered welcoming remarks, while ungerouhi Sonia Bezdikian, a board member of the ARS Eastern U.S., focused on the History of the 108-year-old. ARS Eastern U.S. Board chair Talin Daghlian then highlighted the programs of the region. As an added attraction, throughout the afternoon, guests were entertained by Harry Petropoulos on the piano.

The ARS was established in 1910 in New York City by Edgar Agnouni to provide educational and humanitarian assistance to Armenians throughout the world. The “Mayr” chapter is the organization’s first chapter that unger Agnouni established himself.

As a 108-year-old chapter, the fear of fizzling out was imminent over the years, as members were getting older and departing. In order to overcome this problem, the chapter began organizing its recruiting party in 1992, which eventually became an annual tradition. Since then, every spring the event takes place in the home of a community member. The chapter members look forward for a pleasant afternoon, where they gather socially and hear about the history and programs of ARS.

During the event, two new members (ungerouhis) took the ARS oath. Ungerouhi Daghlian administered the oath while ungerouhi Bezdikian pinned the ARS emblem on each of them.  In addition, two new members turned in their applications, while two others committed to join the organization upon graduating from college.

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