ARS of New Jersey’s ‘Walk Armenia’ Takes Place in Paramus

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PARAMUS, N.J. (A.W.)—On May 7, ungerouhis from all four New Jersey Armenian Relief Society (ARS) chapters (“Agnouni,” “Bergen County,” “Shakeh,” and “Spitak”), the Homenetmen Scouts of N.J., members of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) “Arsen” chapter, friends, and family gathered at Van Saun Park in Paramus for the annual “Walk Armenia” walkathon.

Some of the walkathon participants

Despite the on again, off again rain, the participants walked proudly around the park, the flags of the U.S., Armenia, Artsakh, Homenetmen, and ARS held up high, singing Armenian patriotic songs like Kedashen and Sardarabad along the way. During the walk, passersby honked, encouraging and supporting the walkers to keep going. A few even rolled down their windows to inquire about why they were walking.

After the walk, everyone was invited to the Armenian Protestant Church in Paramus for a tasty lunch of falafel made by Krichian’s Grill. Maral Kaprielian, the head of the N.J. Walk Armenia committee, thanked the committee members that helped her organize the event and everyone for coming and participating. “Working together is the key to our success as a community and as a people. Together we are strong, and together we can accomplish anything,” she said.

A scene from the walkathon

The funds raised during this walk will be donated to the various ARS USA Eastern Region projects in Armenia, the Homenetmen Scouts of N.J. and the AYF “Arsen” chapter. The “Walk Armenia” committee and the ARS of N.J. members would like to thank all the participants for making this event a success.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ARS of New Jersey’s ‘Walk Armenia’ Takes Place in Paramus