ARS Visits Newborn Daughter of Fallen Soldier

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Representatives of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) traveled to Gyumri on May 12, to pay a visit to the family of the late freedom-fighter, Hratch Galstyan, who was martyred in Talish during the four-day April war. The purpose of the visit was to congratulate on behalf of the worldwide membership of the ARS the birth of Anahit, Galstyan’s daughter, and to offer moral and material assistance to Galstyan’s widow, Anoush Ohanian, and her family.  The ARS delegation was accompanied by the representative of the ARS Akhurian “Mother & Child” Health and Birthing Center Suzanna Hovhannisian. The visit was initiated by the ARS Central Executive Board and headed by ARS/Armenia Regional Board Chairperson Narine Galstyan.

Anoush Ohanian with baby Anahit (Photo:

Reflecting on the occasion, ARS Central Executive Board Chairperson, Caroline Chamavonian, said, “In immediate response to the April conflict, the ARS called upon all its entities and communities to assist the population of Artsakh. At this moment, Artsakh and its people are our primary concern. Putting all our resources to their service, in the spirit of our slogan, ‘With the people, for the People,’ we will continue to devote our care to the wounded and martyred soldiers’ families, and all others who need our assistance in the aftermath of this aggression.”

The birth of Vrej, the very first child to be delivered at the ARS “Mother & Child” Health and Birthing Center was registered on April 24, 2005, and now, eleven years later, the birth of Anahit comes as reassurance that the unshaken will of the Armenian people to live, and help others live, remains as strong as ever.

Baby Anahit Galstyan was born on May 6, under the roof of the ARS Akhurian “Mother & Child” Health and Birthing Center, established in 1997, servicing the health needs of the Akhurian population, as well as many residents of the nearby villages.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: ARS Visits Newborn Daughter of Fallen Soldier