Artsakh Spokesperson Discusses Azerbaijani Diversionist

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David Babayan (Source: Armenpress)

David Babayan (Source: Armenpress)

STEPANAKERT (Armenpress) – The Azerbaijani demands put forward in Warsaw in the sidelines of the OSCE conference about the release of the Azerbaijani diversionists Dilham Askerov and Shahbaz Guliyev jailed in Artsakh are another provocation and informational terrorism conducted by Azerbaijan, according to Artsakh President’s spokesperson David Babayan.

“It’s impossible to set free convicts who have killed people, illegally crossed the border and conducted acts of terrorism,” said Babayan adding that the issue of the Azerbaijani terrorists has been closed long ago for Artsakh. “It’s tantamount to raising an issue of setting free the leaders of the Islamic militants and it’s a pity that it’s not banned to discuss similar issues in reputable institutions, since they first of all negatively impact on the reputation of those same institutions.”

Babayan also discussed that the trial of the two Azerbaijani terrorists took place in Artsakh in an open and transparent atmosphere with the participation of international observers, mass media, and lawyers and they have been proven guilty.

“It’s not ruled out that Azerbaijan can initiate other measures to acquit them. This is a way by the Aliyev regime to distract the attention of their own people from real problems. We are ready to take counter-steps against such provocations. Meanwhile, the European institutions should take such issues extremely serious,” Babayan concluded.

Source: Asbarez
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