AYF Camp Haiastan 2017: Staff Wanted!

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By Taleen Donoyan

Although the winter woes are upon us, the summer season is fast approaching and Camp Haiastan of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Eastern Region United States has already begun preparations for its 2017 camp sessions.

Camp Haiastan 2017: Staff Wanted!

The 66th year of Camp Haiastan’s success has already attracted hundreds of campers from across the country—and around the globe—looking to have an incredible and unforgettable summer and to make lifelong friends.

In order to continue to maintain the reputation and traditions of Camp Haiastan, qualified staff members are needed. Working at Camp Haiastan is not simply a summer job, but an experience, which builds character and resilience. Over the years, responsible staff have been imperative in the running of a smooth, healthy, and safe camp environment.

The following positions for the summer 2017 season are still open and Camp Haiastan is looking for qualified applicants that will make this camp season both safe and a great experience for staff, parents, and—most importantly—the campers attending:

Aquatics Director:

The Aquatic Director will oversee the instructional and recreational activities at the swimming pool and waterfront. The Aquatic Director is responsible for the development of lifeguard staff, ensuring that all safety protocols are strictly enforced without exception.

In addition, the Aquatics Director will direct, supervise, and evaluate lifeguards and instructors assigned to the program and teach alongside them. He/she will also have the responsibility for the basic maintenance and operation of the swimming pool and camp’s small craft at the pond.

Qualifications: At least 21 years of age. Valid possession of: Water Safety Instructor or Aquatic Director, Life Saving, CPR/First Aid, and Small Craft Certifications through the Red Cross, YMCA, Boy/Girl Scouts, or other nationally or internationally recognized organization.

Preferred Qualifications: Valid possession of Certified Pool/Spa Operator, and recent previous experience as Water Safety Inst. or Head Lifeguard.



Lifeguards will be responsible for enforcing all pool and waterfront rules. Lifeguards are required to be at all instructional swim and waterfront activities as well as free swim each afternoon. Lifeguards report directly to the Aquatics Director. Lifeguards are required to assist with cabins when necessary.

Qualifications: CPR, AED, and First Aid Certifications are mandatory.

Junior Staff in Training:

Must be 16 years old. Eligible for hire to begin work after Teen Session. Preference will be given to those who attend Teen Session as campers and begin working Session 1. Will rotate between kitchen and maintenance duties as need dictates. Kitchen duties mainly involve dishwashing and general cleaning with some occasional assistance of light preparation and acceptance of food deliveries. Maintenance includes cleaning and stocking of various camp facilities including but not limited to showers, baths and offices etc. May assist in light landscaping and assisting with set up or take down of misc. camp events.

Qualifications: Must be physically fit and able to lift 50 pounds.

Armenian School Teacher:

An Armenian School teacher is responsible for dividing campers up into appropriate skill level groups for Armenian school instruction and for administering daily lesson plans including but not limited to Armenian culture, history, vocabulary, and language. He/she must work within outlined curriculum established while creating engaging lesson plans for widely differing language and cultural skill levels. All lesson plans should be developed with fellow Armenian school teachers and prepared before the start of each session. Armenian school teachers are required to assist with cabins when necessary.

Qualifications: Must be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Armenian.

A summer at Camp Haiastan is unlike any other summer job. An application to camp is a commitment to being a part of something bigger than yourself. It is a contribution to preserving Armenian culture in a country far from the homeland.

The priority of Camp Haiastan is to ensure that campers enjoy their stay in a safe environment and that their families feel comfortable that their child is in hands of a qualified and responsible staff. To be a part of the Camp Haiastan staff 2017, please apply at http://www.camphaiastan.org/staff/


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: AYF Camp Haiastan 2017: Staff Wanted!