AYF Olympic Queen 2016: Victoria Mesropian Yekhpairian

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By Harry Derderian

Victoria was a swimmer—a very good one—who was dominate for the New Jersey Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) in the 80’s and early 90’s. Not limited to the Olympic portion of AYF, she was an active member participating in all aspects of AYF life—plenty of spirit!

Olympic Queen Victoria Mesrobian and King Mike Mirakian

Her 100 points places her comfortably in the top level of women’s scorers in AYF Olympic history.

Freestyle, breast stroke, and relays—Victoria was a standout. She was a member of the Rennseler Polytechnic Institute Varsity swim team where she earned a B.S. degree in Management Systems.

She was clearly more than an athlete in AYF competition—a talented and competitive person at the collegiate level.

“This is such an honor, and with cousin Mike and my godfather Mike…it is a thrill to be part of the AYF Olympic queen family,” she says.

“My favorite Olympic memory was the year my cousins Satenig, Marisa, Ara, Sona, and I were on the AYF swim team together. It was like family in the total family,” she remembers with a distinct touch of pride.

Victoria has been consistently active in St. Vartanatz and St. Sarkis churches, been a lifeguard at Camp Haiastan, and a consistent volunteer at Holy Martyrs’s School. Talk about giving back after AYF.

All this, plus along with her husband Sevan, raising a son named Sevan.

“The AYF is our heart, our family. The love and spirit is awesome,” she says, as her voice reflects her energy and sense of AYF spirit.

“Victoria has always been a special young lady. We are proud of her,” Victoria’s godfather Mike Mirakian Sr.—a Spirit Award winner—says.

Well said, Godfather.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: AYF Olympic Queen 2016: Victoria Mesropian Yekhpairian