AYF Summer Camp 2016 Begins With Key Focus on Artsakh

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GLENDALE—The Armenian Youth Federation Camp of California began its Summer 2016 session on Sunday, June 19th with a sold out week of 160 excited campers and staff. This is the first of six sold out weeks of AYF Camp’s record breaking summer. In light of the recent activities taking place in Artsakh, the AYF Camp Management Board and Committee have decided to dedicate this summer to the homeland. “From the Hills of Wrightwood to the Mountains of Artsakh” has been designated as the theme for this summer’s camp program. This phrase can be found on this year’s t-shirt, water bottle and songbook which every camper and staff member receives to take home with them. The AYF Camp songbook has received a complete redesign with a cover focusing on Armenia, Artsakh and the areas of Greater Armenia, as well as more visually appealing graphics and updated educational and informational content.

AYF Camp is also working with the AYF’s “With Our Soldiers” campaign providing all campers with the opportunity to write a letter to a soldier or family of a fallen soldier. Each week as the campers write these letters they will place them into a mailbox specifically designated for this project. These letters will be collected weekly and at the end of the summer over 900 letters will be mailed to Armenia into the hands of soldiers and their families.


Another new addition this year is the introduction of a completely new menu for the summer incorporating healthier options, as well as new items, sides, and homemade dishes. The new kitchen staff works around the clock to ensure that all campers are enjoying the food they eat for their one week stay. New menu items include but are not limited to: Breakfast Crunchwrap, Homemade Pizza, Homemade Lasagna, Lule Kebab, Kufteh, Hummus and Chicken Fajitas.


Since 1977, AYF Camp has offered a genuinely rewarding experience, by serving as a place for Armenian youth to make new friends and memories of a lifetime. AYF Camp is the largest and oldest Summer Camp program in the Western United States, focusing on Armenian culture and heritage. Visit www.AYFCamp.org for more information and sign up as a “Friend of AYF Camp” to receive news and updates on programs and events.

Source: Asbarez
Link: AYF Summer Camp 2016 Begins With Key Focus on Artsakh