Boris Robot Visits School of Mathematics and Physics

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Robot Boris at the school of mathematics and physics (Source: Panphoto)

Robot Boris at the school of mathematics and physics (Source: Panphoto)

YEREVAN (—Boris, one of the robots showcased at the Bal Robotov (Ball of Robots) exhibition, visited A. Shahinyan School of Mathetmatics and Physics on Friday, December 18. Yerevan hosted the opening ceremony of the Ameriabank-initiated project Bal Robotov (Ball of Robots) exhibition on December 8. This was the first time this exhibit was making its way to Yerevan.

The Russian-made robot’s visit was a huge surprise for the schoolchildren who were able to see the abilities.

At the event, school headmaster Haykaz Navasardyan noted that Ameriabank’s initiative served a useful purpose, with the children getting into robotics and broadening their minds.

“Our school has been hosting two groups of robotics for three years now,” Navasardyan said. “We have developed three smaller robots ourselves that perform several functions. This initiative will hopefully serve as an impetus for our children and teachers, boosting robotics development in our school,” the headmaster said.

Also, Navasardyan stated that some 20 students currently study in the two groups.

According to one of the students, the robot’s visit stirred huge interest among the children. “I wasn’t interested in robotics before, but now I am,” Maria Harutyunyan said.

The first Ball of Robots was held in Moscow in 2014 to become the most successful exhibition project in Russia. The subsequent country tour was a success in Sochi, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Yekaterinburg.

Now, Yerevan took up the baton to host the exhibition from December 9 to January 10, 2016 (closed days: December 31 and January 01). Held in Yerevan Mall, the exhibit includes special discount rates for children: AMD 2200 on weekdays and AMD 3300 on weekends. Tickets for adults will cost AMD 2900 and AMD 3900. Special rates for group school tours are also available.

The event features the latest developments of engineering, enabling interaction with robots from all over the world, some of which perfectly incorporate the latest trends in robotics, artificial intelligence and robot teaching systems. Special attention is paid to teaching at all levels, from selection of robots to excursions.

The exhibition features over 20 interactive robots from various countries as well as the best of Armenian robotics.

Other entertainments include the dancing robot show, quadcopter zone, robolab, Lego brainstorming/robot building sessions, robot programming and robomarket.

The celebrated RoboThespian – a life-sized humanoid and one of the world’s most cutting-edge and emotional robots will be among the exhibits. RoboThespian can interact with humans, imitate their movements, sing, dance, laugh, cry and even recite Shakespeare. RoboThespian even performed onstage at the CeBit opening ceremony in 2014 in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Boris Robot Visits School of Mathematics and Physics