Chamlian Armenian Club Visits Various Community Organizations

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The Chamlian Armenian Club on a field trip
Chamlian students at Pasadena Armenian Genocide Monument
Chamlian students visit the ANCA-WR offices
Chamlian students at Asbarez editorial offices
Chamlian students toured the Horizon Armenian Television studios
The Chamlian Armenian Club visited the AYF Camp office

LOS ANGELES—Chamlian Armenian School Armenian Club participated in an Armenian Club Field Trip, that took place at Armenian landmarks and offices in Los Angeles on November 17.

During the field trip, students visited sites and various community organizations to become acquainted with the different aspects of the life of an Armenian that works for a specific cause.

Chamlian Armenian Club students prepared an itinerary that mapped out the sights they would visit during their trip. Amongst these places were the Armenian Genocide Monument in Pasadena, where students paid their respects to the 1.5 million Holy Martyrs who were slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks on April 24th of 1915. The next location on the itinerary was the editorial offices of Asbarez Newspaper and the studios where Horizon Armenian Television is produced. There, the students learned the importance of Armenians’ role in spreading the word of current events that happen both in our community, the diaspora and our homeland.

Next, students visited the headquarters of the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region. There, the attendees were taught about the relation of politics and our cause inside and outside of Armenia. The penultimate sight students visited was the AYF office building, where speakers and directors gave presentations about how the younger generation can have a role in our community and make a difference for our cause. Lastly, Armenian Club members visited the Homenetmen Western Regional Office. They were were provided information about how physical activities can be beneficial and even create bonds between Armenians who live in the diaspora. In addition to the packed schedule, students enjoyed lunch at the original Carousel Restaurant in Hollywood.

“The trip was a refreshing experience. I had an amazing time because not only was it an excitement to partake in something I knew would be beneficial to our new, young generation, but I was also able to witness firsthand the livelihood and the exertion of Armenians in our community, who work for a greater cause,” said Chloe Garabedian, an executive member of Armenian Club, ,

“The trip was an absolutely remarkable experience as I had the chance to gain knowledge about Armenian organizations and the people that work effortlessly to preserve our rich culture,” shared Nayiri Kalindjian, president of Armenian Club. The students also thanked their advisor, Arpa Hatzbanian, for facilitating this experience for them.

All the students who took part in this field trip believe it was a wonderful experience and look forward to activities similar to this one as they know it will enhance their knowledge about the lives of Armenians living in the diaspora. The goal is for the students to be inspired and empowered to continue to work towards the Armenian Cause and become active participants in the diaspora.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Chamlian Armenian Club Visits Various Community Organizations