Chamlian Hosts Workshop on Impact of Social Media and Social Interactions  

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Parents Support group with  the special guests

Parents Support group with the special guests

GLENDALE—On Friday February 2, Chamlian Armenian School administration, in collaboration with the Parent Support Group, coordinated workshops for parents and students.

The day of workshops began with a parent round table discussion with Police Officer Joe Allen from Glendale Police Department, and Corky O’ Rourke, Glendale Unified School District Teacher Specialist, about the impact of social media, cyber safety, and social interactions. After the parent workshop, students in grades 5-8, met by grade level with both presenters for interactive small group workshops!

As being a part of the 21st century, children are one of the fastest-growing groups of cyber citizens. They quickly learn how to use computers and mobile devices, but often lack the wisdom and experience to grasp the potential dangers, especially about learning safe and responsible ways on how to use social media.

Chamlian students and parent participate in workshop
From left, Corky O' Rourke, Chamlian Principal Dr. Talin Kargodorian and Officer Joe Allen

Officer Allen shared cyber safety tips on the multiple communication platforms in social media and shared the benefits and dangerous effects it may have in their future. He notified the students that everything they do online leaves a ‘digital footprint’. This can hurt their future reputation, hurt their job or college admission status, and follow them forever.

Corky O’Rourke discussed the social and emotional issues related with social media, such as cyber bullying.She shared the social differences between boys and girls and discussed ways to avoid negative criticism. She also addressed how to maintain a positive and healthy image, while exhibiting compassion and respect for others.

The trending topic not only engaged the 5th-8th grade students of Chamlian Armenian School, but also instilled in them the desire to be proactive as responsible digital citizens.

At the end of the workshop, the school principal, Dr. Talin Kargodorian, thanked the two guest speakers and appreciated their continued support in developing awareness about the positive and negative influences of social media. Officer Joe Allen and Corky O’Rourke both have been local supporters at the school and the students were very thankful that they had the opportunity to connect with local experts in the field. Thank you to the Glendale Police Department, Glendale Unified School District, and particularly Officer Allen and Corky for educating our students on thriving to become productive citizens during the digital age.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Chamlian Hosts Workshop on Impact of Social Media and Social Interactions