Chamlian Students Reflect on 8th Grade Armenia Trip

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Chamlian 8th grade students at Dzidzernagapert

Chamlian 8th grade students at Dzidzernagapert

The Vahan and Anoush Chamlian eighth grade students visited Armenia last month, as part of the school’s annual program to take students to Armenia and introduce them to their homeland.

Below are impressions and reflections by the students.

There is no place as beautiful as our motherland. Annie Abnous

When I arrived in Armenia, I impatiently wanted to go to Dzidzernagapert. When we got there, I was sad and the definition of genocide was clearer to me. I visualized my ancestors forcefully being pushed out into the Der Zor desert. Arek Aghamanoukian

Armenia felt like home. Arin Abrahamian

I will never forget our trip to Armenia. It will have a special place in my heart for as long as I live. The memories I made there are priceless and the historic and cultural sites we visited are one of a kind. Aram Apanian

I thought Armenia was so beautiful. I am so happy that I got to see the most beautiful landmarks of my homeland, such as the Ararat Mountain, Garni Geghard and Sevan. Tara Abramian

I saw my lovely Armenia in better condition this year. I had missed my dear Armenia and got a great taste of it with my class. Andy Ajamian

This year’s visit to our homeland, Armenia, was very impressive for me. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried, but the cemetery of the “azadamardigs” was what touched me the most. I was deeply moved when I saw the graves of young soldiers who died for the liberation of Artsakh. Kami Arabian

Armenia was very beautiful and my visit was very meaningful. Alexander Arzoumanian

I will never forget how unbelievable and beautiful Armenia is. Armen Avannes

My favorite place that we visited in Armenia was Garni. Adana Bagherloo

Our visit to Armenia will always be remembered in our hearts. Argin Baharians

In Armenia, the Ararat Mountain was the scene that I loved the most. In my opinion my homeland is very beautiful. Eliza Balian

I saw that speaking English had become more popular and that Yerevan had been improved so much from ten years ago from when my parents visited Armenia. Vatche Balian

Armenia was like a painting in real life. Vartan Charckcyan

In Armenia, the one thing that really stood out to me was the schools we visited. That was very important to me because many of the students there don’t have a quarter of what we have, yet they appreciate what they have. Alec Demirdjian

Looking at Mt. Ararat, I was overcome with sadness thinking about how that mountain belonged to us, but unfortunately it is now in the hands of the Turks. Maya Dilanian

Being in Armenia made me feel relaxed and trouble-free. I was so happy that after thirteen years, I finally got to see my country. Eric Galoustian

Armenia made me feel like I was at home. Tevan Gevorgian

I loved the Motherland and every city I visited. Derek Gharahmenian

Armenian, my homeland, is a beautiful and great country. Eric Hagobyan

After eight years of learning about Armenia we finally went to our homeland and it was beautiful and lively. Dro Hambarchian

I never knew that our land was this beautiful. Brandon Keshishian

The time in Armenia was so great that I can hardly explain it. It is a memory I will never forget. Matthew Ohanian

In Armenia there’s a place called Dzidzernagapert which was one of my favorite places that we visited. Also, I realized how much I can do to help as a Diasporan Armenian. Serge Arejian

Armenia is a beautiful place which has tall mountains and beautiful lakes. Vahag Pashayan

After waiting for eight years, we finally visited our homeland, Armenia. Something that impressed me a lot was the Եռաբլուր cemetery. Sophie Atmajian

I was really happy when I saw my beautiful homeland. Michelle Petrossian

I’ve waited fourteen years to visit my motherland, Armenia. My favorite part was definitely the “Dzidzernakapert” which was the monument that honored 1.5 million Armenians killed. Aren Avakian

It was an amazing feeling to finally be able to walk on my homeland along side my people. Tatiana Prusalian

Being that it was the first time that I traveled to Armenia, I was grateful and happy to have the opportunity to be able to see my homeland. We visited many sites that impressed me. One of these places was Tumo, which amazed me with its modernized technology and atmosphere. Levon Babayan

Armenia was a great country and my visit was very enjoyable. Alex Shabazian

The most influential place that we visited in Armenia was “Dzidzernagapert” because when we went there we listened to our friends and teachers talk about what happened during the genocide. I was also able to give respect to my ancestors at a memorial dedicated to them. Hrag Badalian

This year, I had the privilege to visit my homeland, Armenia, with my eighth grade graduating class. I had a great time with my classmates. I am very impatient and excited to visit our very beautiful Armenia once again. Alique Boyajian

Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth; Armenia is. Athena Stepanian

What impressed me the most in Armenia was the Genocide monument (Dzidzernagapert). It allowed me to reflect on what my ancestors went through. Kyle Derbabian

When I arrived in Armenia, I knew that it was my beautiful country, and it felt like home to me. Shant Svakhtchyan

During our trip to Armenia, we traveled to many beautiful and unique places that blew my mind the instant I laid eyes on them. Although I truly loved all the memorials, churches, schools, and museums we went to, the Genocide Memorial was what blew me away. This memorial impressed me because while sitting at the edge, hearing teachers talk about our past, and hearing the group sing “Giligya”, made me emotional and taught me the true meaning of being Armenian and why people stress the importance of continuing our fight for justice and freedom for Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Areni Hamparian

Armenia is brave and beautiful and I had an amazing time there. Raymond Turchan

My favorite part in my motherland was Dzidzernagapert because I remembered our ancestors that gave their lives to keep us Armenian. Luke Harris

I loved my ancestral country and my people. Lilianna Zaratsian

After eight years of anxiously waiting, I finally got the chance to visit my beautiful homeland with my friends and family. I was especially impressed by our visit to Dzidzernagapert. I felt the pain that my ancestors, along with the 1.5 million Armenians, went through, and at that moment, I was left speechless. Soseh Hovasapian

Armenia, the home of my ancestors, is a beautiful place. After thirteen years, my dream to visit Armenia finally came true. It is a great and an amazing country. My favorite part of the whole trip was when we went to Pash-Abaran, where Trasdamad Ghanayan is buried and where he defeated the Turks. Tro Hovasapian

The Armenian Genocide Memorial (Dzidzernagapert) impressed me the most. When I was there, I felt really proud to be Armenian. Our being there proved that the Turks failed in annihilating the Armenian race. Ari Juljulian

When I reached Armenia I forgot about all my problems. I got surprised when I saw how Gregory the Illuminator survived in that small pit for thirteen years. Alex Matiossian

I have waited for this trip for a very long time, and I had an amazing time. I really liked the visit to Dzidzernagapert. Armenia was a very beautiful place and there is no place like it. It impressed me so much that I would like to visit my homeland again next year. Nataly Minassian

In my life, nothing has given me as much happiness as Keghart. Its architecture and beauty amazed me. Adom Oshagan

My favorite part of our Armenia trip was when we went to Խոր Վիրապ. We met a Shepherd, his dogs and donkey. When we walked to the top of a small hill by the church, we saw such a beautiful view of Ararat and Masis mountains…a view that I’ll never forget. Lara Sepetjian

I was very impressed by Armenia. Places like Ծիծերնակաբերդ and Սարդարապատ were very influential and important to me and “Tumo”Technology Center was very interesting and fun. My favorite and possibly most memorable place I visited was the Armenian Modern Art Museum. It was very enjoyable and I had a great time. Greg Simitian

This trip to my motherland, Armenia, was very unforgettable. I enjoyed seeing its historical sites and beautiful geographical features. Aleen Soghomonian

Thirteen years of waiting to visit my homeland was worth it. We visited many places in Armenia, but my favorite place was the Dzidzernagapert monument and museum which left me very proud as an Armenian. Tiffany Tabakian

My favorite part about my trip to Armenia was walking around on the streets of Yerevan. By doing this I learned what kind of people live in my country and what kind of lives they live. Finally, after thirteen years, I understand how lucky I am to be Armenian. Talina Yepremian

I was very happy that I got the opportunity to finally travel to Armenia and see it with my own eyes. I was most impressed by how large and beautiful Mr. Ararat was. Thomas Yepremian

Source: Asbarez
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