Donations Continue to Help AYF Summer Camp Program

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Trash bags (left), first aid medicine (center) and songbooks (right) are among the items procured by AYF Camp through donations

Trash bags (left), first aid medicine (center) and songbooks (right) are among the items procured by AYF Camp through donations

GLENDALE—The Armenian Youth Federation Camp is quickly coming to a close for the 2016 summer program with the largest recorded number of campers in its history. Along with these record breaking numbers come the necessity for more materials and supplies. These provisions are needed to keep the Summer Camp Program running smoothly for its 1000 plus participants. AYF Camp goes through a plethora of materials every summer including trash bags, medical supplies, and songbooks. If not for our donors, these materials would have a heavy impact on AYF Camp’s budget and its ability to continue its ongoing maintenance and renovation plans.

For over 10 years, AYF Camp has not needed to purchase trash bags for its summer program. They have been generously donated by Movses Shrikian and Vahan Bagamian of Sun Plastics, Inc. Every year, Sun Plastics prepares thousands of custom Red, Blue and Orange trash bags for the AYF Camp Summer Program. The use of the bags varies from the collection of trash to the more elaborate smock for Wacky Olympics or as a team color flag for competitive games. Most importantly, the Red, Blue, Orange trash bags help bring out the patriotism and Armenian Spirit within the campers.

AYF Camp is nestled in the beautiful Angeles National Forest amongst tall pine trees, fresh air and bright starlit skies. Along with the beauty of nature, come the consequences of its landscape, specifically dirt, rocks, and bugs which can cause the occasional bruises, cuts and bites. With over 1000 campers and staff actively participating in outdoor activities each day, the Camp uses its fair share of bandages, bug repellent, and ice packs. Luckily, we have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Romic Eskandarian and the Glendale Adventist Medical Center who have supplied AYF Camp with all of the medical materials and necessities for its summer program. For the past couple of years Dr. Romic Eskandarian has procured all medical supplies needed for the 7 weeks of camp.

Many have noticed the revamped AYF Camp Songbook that was introduced this summer. The bold new look, along with the Artsakh inspired theme have been a big hit with campers and parents alike. AYF Camp has been working with Haig Atamian of Haig’s Quality Printing to print and bind these books for the past three years. Haig has provided AYF Camp with amazing service and attention to detail. He has consistently produced a quality product at a greatly discounted price. These books are more than just a reference to learn songs. They are also an educational handbook designed to engage campers throughout the year, instilling a sense of Armenian culture, identity, and spirit within them. We have come to realize that these handbooks have been inspirational not only to our campers but to our parents as well.

With the success of this new design, the AYF Camp Management Board ordered 400 additional songbooks to donate to the AYF Juniors program this year. AYF Camp will be providing all AYF Junior Members with a brand new camper songbook/ handbook to have as their own.

AYF Camp would like to extend their utmost gratitude to Sun Plastics Incorporated, Dr. Romic Eskandarian and Glendale Adventist Medical Center, as well as Haig Atamian of Haig’s Quality Printing for their continuous support of the AYF Summer Camp program.

Since 1977, AYF Camp has offered a genuinely rewarding experience, by serving as a place for Armenian youth to make new friends and memories of a lifetime. AYF Camp is the largest and oldest Summer Camp program in the Western United States, focusing on Armenian culture and heritage. Visit for more information and sign up as a “Friend of AYF Camp” to receive news and updates on programs and events.

Source: Asbarez
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