Filming Begins on Film About Spitak Earthquake

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MOSCOW (Public Radio of Armenia)—Filming is underway in Moscow for “Earthquake,” a new film about the devastating 1988 earthquake in Armenia, which claimed several thousand lives, TASS reports.

Shooting of the film began on the territory of an old Moscow factory, where the set of a ruined Leninakan (Gyumri) has been constructed.

The crew first focused on the documentary materials, but things changed after the authors spent time talking to people affected by the tragedy. “Emotionally, this project is a very complex one,” production designer David Dadunashvili said.

Director Sarik Andreasyan was also impressed by the meeting with the residents of Gyumri. “As soon as you start speaking to people, they start crying. I thought that if we started recreating the ruins, coffins, corpses around the city, we would not be forgiven; it would not be correct in relation to the people of Gyumri. That’s why we decided to do that in a pavilion.”

Andreasyan hopes the movie will reach out to every viewer. “Those who know nothing about the earthquake in Armenia will see a good film and will not stay indifferent when they leave the cinema. We were not on the Titanic, but we all cried watching Cameron’s film.”

The director stressed that the film will be about people and about the uniting factor of the tragedy.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Filming Begins on Film About Spitak Earthquake