Georgia Urged to Recognize Armenian Genocide

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Georgian Parliament

Georgian Parliament

YEREVAN—Armenian MP at the Georgian Parliament, Samvel Petrosyan, has urged the officials to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide.

Addressing the plenary session of the Parliament, he said events that took place in the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago are an enormous trauma for the Armenian nation.

“The Armenian Genocide has been recognized by many international organizations and states. We, as a democratic country, must acknowledge that fact, at least because the Ottoman Empire has occupied Georgian lands, as well. I’m sure that had the Armenian Genocide been condemned at the time, such crimes would not reoccur in different parts of the world. I urge everyone to recognize and condemn the genocide and thus, restore historical justice,” Gruzia Online quotes Petrosyan.

In response, leader of the parliamentary majority Zviad Kvachantiradze declared that “no one should give in to the provocations coming from a malevolent neighbor.”

This is not the first time the Armenian Genocide issue is being raised at the Georgian Parliament, but it flares hot discussions every time. Last year Samvel Petrosyan’s speech on the topic was interrupted by ethnic Azerbaijani MP Azer Suleymanov from the United National Movement Party.

In 2012 Suleymanov started a brawl, when Georgian MP Bagaturia called on his colleagues to recognize the Armenian Genocide. He even advised the Georgian lawmaker to change his surname to Bagaturyan.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Georgia Urged to Recognize Armenian Genocide