Glendale Police Department Honors Hrach Lukassian

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Deputy Police Chief Carl Povilaitis with the family of Hrach Lukassian. (Photo: ABMDR)
Deputy Police Chief Carl Povilaitis delivering remarks during the ceremony. (Photo: ABMDR)
Hrach Lukassian (Photo: ABMDR)
The remembrance plaque honoring Hrach Lukassian and others. (Photo: ABMDR)

GLENDALE—In a solemn ceremony held on April 19, the Glendale Police Department honored the late Hrach Lukassian in recognition of his dedication and service to the department.

Lukassian was a highly accomplished photographer, craftsman, and mountain climber. As a volunteer photographer, he served the Glendale Police Department from 2012 until his passing in 2016. Lukassian’s community service also included volunteer work for the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, ever since the organization’s launch in 1999.

The ceremony was held in the plaza of the Glendale Police Department, with attendees including City officials, police officers, friends, and family members. “Hrach was a man of many talents,” stated Deputy Police Chief Carl Povilaitis in his remarks. “As an exhibition coordinator, Hrach traveled throughout the United States. He and his wife traveled to Africa on five safari trips. As an avid mountain climber, he scaled some of the world’s highest peaks. In 2008, Hrach climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. He also climbed Mount Ararat, in Armenia, Mount Damavand, in Iran, and the Base Camp of Mount Everest, in Nepal. His woodworking and hand-crafted backgammons are just a few examples of his artistic skills. We are lucky to have known him and to have shared in a part of his journey.”

Lukassian’s name was placed on a remembrance plaque on the grounds of the Glendale Police Department. The plaque reads: “In remembrance of the men and women who served the Glendale Police Department and our community with dedication, honor, and pride.”

Family members and friends said they appreciated the Deputy Chief’s remarks in his heartfelt presentation and felt honored for the recognition bestowed on Lukassian.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Glendale Police Department Honors Hrach Lukassian