Hamazkayin Launches ArtLinks 2015

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The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Associations of North America are launching ArtLinks, the first youth forum to link a range of renowned Armenian artists with young Armenians interested in art and the heritage of their culture.

ArtLinks will occur in a workshop environment, in order to create a dialogue between established and aspiring artists. The workshops will be led by internationally recognized figures with varied backgrounds in creative literature, music, theater, cinema, journalism, and social media.

ArtLinks 2015 will take place during the three-day weekend of Aug. 27-30, at Your Own Inn, in Jewett, New York. Participants will have the opportunity to meet the artists at formal sessions as well as informal meetings. The workshops will be moderated by Khatchig Mouradian. Participating speakers will include photographer-journalist Scout Tufankjian, film director Eric Nazarian, stage and film actor and author Eric Bogosian, and writer Aline Ohanesian.

Participants must submit an application and pay a participation fee. The number of participants will be limited in order to ensure the success of the workshops. The application form can be downloaded from www.hamazkayin.com/artlinks. Applications must be submitted by Aug. 20, along with a payment of USD $150, which includes three-day lodging and all meals.

For more information, visit our page at www.hamazkayin.com/artlinks, or write to artlinks@hamazkayin.com.

This program is sponsored by the Regional Executives of Eastern USA, Western USA, and Canada.

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