Homenetmen Scouts Troup 51 Hold Annual ‘Panagoum’ (Photo Series)

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Providence Homenetmen Scouts Troop 51 held their annual Panagoum Camping Trip the weekend of June 17-19 at Camp Buck Hill in Pascoag, R.I. This year, Boston Homenetmen Scouts Troop 290 attended as a joint effort to bring Armenian youth together for a weekend of scouting and fun.

The 50 scouts participated in various activities, including building the flag pole structure, crafting a bonfire, and competing in athletic events. Saturday evening the camp was opened to families and guests for the Yertman Araroghootyoon (Oath Ceremony), a delicious grilled dinner prepared by the Providence Khorhoort and Varchootyoon members, and a cultural and entertaining fireside “Kharougahantes.”

A job well done by the Khmpabeds Narine Taraksian and Alex Ourfalian and the leaders of the Asdijanavoragan and Khmpabedagan Gazm for planning a great Panagoum for the Providence and Boston Homenetmen Scouts. Congratulations kooyrer yev yeghpayrner!

Partzratzir, Partzratzoor,
Providence Homenetmen Varchootyoon yev Scoutagan Khorhoort

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Homenetmen Scouts Troup 51 Hold Annual ‘Panagoum’ (Photo Series)