In Full Page Ad in New York Times, Kardashian Blasts WSJ for Genocide Denial

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The full-page advertisement that appeared in Saturday's The New York Times

The full-page advertisement that appeared in Saturday’s The New York Times

In a letter published in a full-page advertisement that appeared in the Saturday edition of The New York Times, reality television star Kim Kardashian blasted the Wall Street Journal for publishing another full-page advertisement in April that was paid for by a Turkish organization and denied the Armenian Genocide.

“My family and I are no strangers to BS in the press,” reads Kardashian’s letter featured on the full-page ad in Saturday’s New York Times. “We’ve learned to brush it off. Lies make good headlines, good headlines make great covers, great covers sell magazines. But when I heard about this full-page ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal denying the Armenian genocide, I couldn’t just brush it off.”

“For the Wall Street Journal to publish something like this is reckless, upsetting and dangerous. It’s one thing when a crappy tabloid profits from a made-up scandal, but for a trusted publication like WSJ to profit from genocide — it’s shameful and unacceptable. Why is it every time we take one forward, we take two steps back?” asks Kardashian in her letter.

Kardashian ends her letter by urging the United States government to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, which it has not done and which provides Turkey and its satellites cover to engage in Genocide denialism.

“When we allow ourselves to be silenced by money, by fear and by power, we teach our children that truth is irrelevant,” said Kardashian in her letter. “We have to be responsible for the message we pass on to our children.”

Saturday’s New York Times advertisment featuring Kardashian’s letter was sponsored by the Armenian Educational Foundation and its members.

When the Wall Street Journal published the advertisement in question around the time of the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide last April, it was publicly asked about its rationalization by to which the newspaper said, “We accept a wide range of advertisements, including those with provocative viewpoints.”

Other newspapers, including the New York Times, did not publish the advertisement at the time.

Source: Asbarez
Link: In Full Page Ad in New York Times, Kardashian Blasts WSJ for Genocide Denial