iPod Developer Receives Armenia’s Presidential IT Award

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President Serzh Sarkisian presents Tony Fadell with the 2017 Presidential IT Award

President Serzh Sarkisian presents Tony Fadell with the 2017 Presidential IT Award

YEREVAN—Tony Fadell, the information technology innovator who was one of the developers of the iPod and the founder of Nest Labs, on Thursday received the 2017 Presidential Award for the Global Contribution in the Area of Information Technologies during a ceremony at the presidential palace.

After awarding Fadell, President Serzh Sarkisian said that the development of the IT industry in Armenia is a commitment that the government has made in advancing the sciences in the country and making Armenia an IT hub in the region.

He expressed hope that during his stay in Armenia, Fadell will impart his story to Armenian students and inspire them to seek careers in the field.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, Sarkisian and Fadell held a one-on-one meeting during which the president explained that the aim of creating the award, was to express the united admiration and gratitude of the Armenian people toward those who propel the civilization to become iconic leaders in the field.

“By bestowing this award we also try to draw the attention of our youth on success cases and successful people, explaining by all the possible means that humans are the greatest wealth with their shortcomings and problems, but also their talent. Our focus on this sphere, I think, gives results. Our youth has great interest towards this sector and we are glad the schoolchildren are also interested”, said Sarkisian.

Fadell informed Sarkisian that during an earlier meeting with Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, he was briefed on Armenia’s innovations in the IT sector.

“You should open your country for the outer world, you should tell about your positive developments,” Fadell said, adding that it’s very important that physics and mathematics, and other subjects related to the IT are on a high level in Armenia. He also expressed interest in working with Armenian specialists in the future.

Fadell is the eighth recipient of the Presidential Award for the global contribution to the area of information Technologies. The first award was bestowed on the former President of the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation Greig Barrett in 2010, the second one was given in 2011 to Steve Wozniak – a co-founder of the Apple Computers corporation, the third one – in 2012 went to Federico Faggin – the Honorary President of the Synaptics Company, the fourth award went to Tsugio Makimoto, the President of Semiconductor Industry Association, President of the Techno Vision company, former CEO of the Hitachi Company, the fifth – to Chief Development Officer of Sysco Systems, Inc., Mario Mazzola, the sixth – to Director General of Kaspersky Lab Evgeni Kaspersky.

The Presidential Award for the global contribution to the IT area was founded in 2009 and is aimed at the enhancement of the area’s development. The award is annual and is bestowed on the individuals who have made outstanding contribution to the area and whose input – technological, educational, organizational, financial or other has resulted in significant developments in the area of information technologies. The nomination program is carried out by the award committee designated by the President of Armenia and the international commission. The award represents a medal symbolizing Armenia and high technologies, a diploma and a souvenir.

Source: Asbarez
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