Koko Megerian Named 2016 Exemplary Homenetmen Member

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Koko Megerian

Koko Megerian

The Homenetmen Regional Executive announced this week that Koko Megerian, a Glendale Ararat Chapter member, has been named the 2016 Exemplary Homenetmen Member in honor of his dedicated service to the organization.

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Koko Megerian received his elementary education at the Gulbenkian School and his secondary education at a local public school. He received his college degree in 1976 from the University of Baghdad with a major in physics. Immediately after graduation, Megerian completed 18 month of military service. Thereafter, for a short period of time, he taught physics and mathematics at a local school in Baghdad.

From a young age, Megerian became involved in the Homenetmen Baghdad Chapter as a scout. In 1973, he was entrusted to become the leader of an 82-person scouting troop, a role which he fulfilled until he relocated to the United States in 1978. “In 1973, when scouting movements became part of the state in Baghdad, the Homenetmen Baghdad Chapter was fortunate because it did not have to join with other local scouting organizations and was able to operate separately,” explained Megerian proudly.

Upon relocating to the United States in 1978, Megerian closely followed the activities of the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter and officially joined on April 1, 1979. He has held various leadership positions for scouting groups, including Assistant Scout Leader, and later as Scout Leader of select troops. As a result of his hard work and leadership capabilities, he has served as a “Miyavori” Leader and Chapter Scouting Assistant Leader in 1983. In 1993, he was elected to serve on the chapter’s executive.

In 1985, Megerian married Homenetmen member Armine Arabanlian and the couple had two children, Garbis and Alique, both of whom are involved in Homenetmen.

In 1989, Megerian was awarded with the Wood Badge title and between 1998-2000, he served a crucial role in organizing a parental committee to help lead the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter’s scouting troops.

In 2004, he became a member of the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter Executive and went on to earn the title of Honorary Member.

His professional career has involved working with reputable companies, such as TRW, Inc. (Aerospace), MA-COM PHI, Inc., Northrop and, since 1995, at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Throughout his volunteerism, Megerian has actively brought his participation to Homenetmen committees and activities on a regional level, as follows:
• In 1985, he was appointed as Chairperson of the Homenetmen Regional Scouting Council.
• Between 1986-1990, he served as a Regional Scout Leader.
• Between 1990-1994, he served as a Regional General Scout Leader and also served simultaneously on the Regional Executive between 1992-1994.
• He has represented the organization at various regional meetings.
• He has carried out great efforts in the Regional Strategic Planning Committee.
• He is currently a member of the Regional Bylaws Committee.

On a centralized level, Megerian has held various leadership positions during Pan-Homenetmen Jamborees, as well as Pan-Homenetmen camps for scouting leaders. He has volunteered as a member of the Homenetmen Central Executive’s website committee and participated at three general conventions in 2003, 2007, and 2011.

Megerian holds a strong conviction that Homenetmen is similar to a school for youth, where they can spend their time in a cheerful atmosphere; where young adults can develop, and where leaders can elevate other members. He considers it a true honor to be a member of the organization.

The Homenetmen Regional Executive warmly congratulates Koko Megerian as the 2016 Exemplary Homenetmen Member and extends wishes for him to continue his model service through the organization’s “Elevate Yourself and Others With You” motto.

Source: Asbarez
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