Lapshin Files Complaint to Belarusian Supreme Court

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MINSK, Belarus (A.W.)— Detained Russian-Israeli blogger Alexander Lapshin has filed a complaint against the Belarusian Supreme Court. Speaking to Yerevan-based news outlet, Lapshin’s lawyer said that the complaint has been registered by the Supreme Court.

Alexander Lapshin (Photo: Euroradio)

In recent weeks, Russian and Israeli officials have been urging Belarusian authorities to repeal the decision to extradite Lapshin to Azerbaijan. Various political leaders of Russia have openly condemned and opposed the detainment of Lapshin while Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian called it a “disgrace.”

Last week, the Minsk City Court dismissed Lapshin’s complaint and upheld the prosecutor’s decision to extradite the journalist. On Feb. 3, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told law-enforcement authorities in Belarus to extradite Lapshin.

Lapshin, who was arrested for his trips to Nagorno Karabagh (NKR/Artsakh) in the past and his criticism of Azerbaijan, has been detained since mid-December.


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Lapshin Files Complaint to Belarusian Supreme Court