Letters: What’s in a Flag?

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Some estimates place the number of protesters in front of the Los Angeles Consulate of Azerbaijan at 3,500. At 1­ p.m., on April 8, 2016, Armenian­-Americans rallied there, at the intersection of Wilshire and Granville, to state, clearly and loudly, their discontent with the emotionally unstable Azeri President Aliyev and his pathetic military adventures along the border area between his country and the Nagorno­Karabakh Republic.

I was there, along with my wife and some committed friends to lend our support. We were pleased to see so many young people participate in the protest. Many hand­held signs strongly stating their views were on display, as were many flags from Armenia and Karabakh.

One thing was sorely missing ­­ an equal number of American flags! In the future, young Armenians must learn to attend these events as Armenian-Americans. Along with their forceful slogans, we believe it would send Mr. Aliyev a louder message of their just concerns and have a greater psychological impact on the world at large. April 24th is right around the corner…

Alex Kalognomos Sr.
Sunland, CA

Source: Asbarez
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