Manukian Discusses Military at Armenia-Diaspora Conference

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Vazgen Manukian

Vazgen Manukian

YEREVAN (ArmInfo) – During his remarks at the sixth Pan-Armenian Armenia-Diaspora Conference, Head of the Public Council of Armenia, Vazgen Manukian discussed a range of issues pertaining to the Armenian military and the diaspora.

According to Manukian, any individual who has evaded military service or whose son did not serve in the Armenian Armed Forces should not have the right to hold a high public office.

When discussing the modernization of the Armenian Armed Forces, Manukian explained how during the April War, the Azerbaijani army was superior to the Armenian army in terms of weaponry.

“It is necessary to solve this problem, and steps are now being taken in this direction,” he assured.

Manukian also expressed satisfaction with the concept of the Nation-Army and its provisions. However, he stated that it is impossible to develop programs from above and impose them on the people, and instead they must be accepted by the society.

In addition, Manukian discussed the need to establish cooperation between the army and border areas to stimulate their development.

“For example, the Armenian armed forces should help establish enterprises in the border areas that will produce products for the needs of the army,” explained the head of the public council.

The Head of the Public Council explained that it would be very difficult to face certain geopolitical issues if a nation is in an unstable situation.

“The Armenian people should consolidate against the backdrop of the Karabakh issue, the Turkish threat, and mass emigration,” said Manukian.  He stressed that it is impossible to resist new global threats with a population of close to three million.

“It is also necessary to organize a new form of relationshp between Armenia and Diaspora. Today in the world, competition between states has increased. To confront new challenges, it is necessary to consolidate. There are new problems, both for the Diaspora and for the people and authorities of Armenia. However, everyone should bear an equal share of responsibility. It should not be that one layer of society that bears the entire burden on itself while the other enjoys the fruits of the labor,” concluded Manukian.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Manukian Discusses Military at Armenia-Diaspora Conference