‘Map of Salvation’ Armenian Genocide Documentary To Screen In Glendale

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Map Of Salvation flyer

Map Of Salvation flyer

GLENDALE—“Map of Salvation” is a documentary about the humanist movement that emerged as a wave of protest and resistance during the Armenian Genocide. It will premiere in Glendale every Friday at the Five Star Cinema in Glendale at 8.30 pm. The premiere of the documentary took place in Yerevan in April of 2015, and has since screened internationally in Austria, Iran, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Its production was built on the basis of actual events, with the protagonists being real people who have witnessed the massacres of the Armenians. Among them were five women: Maria Jacobsen (Denmark) and missionaries Karen Jeppe (Denmark), Bodil Bjorn (Norway), Alma Johansson (Sweden), and Anna Hedvig Büll (Estonia).

These women found shelter for Armenian women and children who barely escaped death. Their extremely dramatic encounter with a tormented people unknown to them became a significant part of the humanists’ lives. They had left their comfortable lives in Europe and came to Armenian land, to devote their lives selflessly and unconditionally to the citizens enduring genocide.

The film is told by Finnish historian Svante Lundgren. Passing through the path of mission of the film’s heroes, he draws a new map: “The Map of Salvation.”

“Map of Salvation” is dedicated to the memory of the humanists who  as a payment of gratitude on behalf of the entire Armenian nation, other nations espousing humanitarian views, and generally all people who cherish noble values.

Trailer of the film can be watched below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zVs9IjMBEA?enablejsapi=1&autoplay=0&cc_load_policy=0&iv_load_policy=1&loop=0&modestbranding=0&rel=1&showinfo=1&playsinline=0&autohide=2&theme=dark&color=red&wmode=opaque&vq=&controls=2&&w=640&h=508]

For more information, visit the website: mapofsalvation.com/en/

Source: Asbarez
Link: ‘Map of Salvation’ Armenian Genocide Documentary To Screen In Glendale