Moscow-Yerevan Bus Crash Kills at Least 8

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TULA, Russia—A passenger bus carrying 59 passengers traveling from Moscow to Yerevan was involved in a tragic accident in the Uzlovsky District in Tula province of Russia on Nov. 3. The crash, which happened at approximately 2:10 a.m., claimed the lives of at least eight passengers and left dozens with severe injuries, reported Armenia’s

The overturned bus (Photo: RT)

The driver of the bus Garnik Harutyunyan is in custody according to Artak Ghazaryan, a representative of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow, speaking to Although technical malfunction is considered the probable cause of this tragedy, reports claim that there is also a possibility that the bus driver may have fallen asleep behind while driving. Authorities have launched an investigation; criminal charges have not been filed.

Shortly following the tragic accident, Armenian President Serge Sarkisian expressed his condolences in a letter. “It is with great pain that I learned of the Moscow-Yerevan bus crash in Tula Oblast [province] and its irreversible consequences. Tonight, our people and each of us suffered a great loss. In this difficult moment, I extend my sympathy and condolences to the victims’ families, relatives, and friends. I wish all the injured a speedy recovery,” read Sarkisian’s letter.

According to a press release published by the Presidential office, Sarkisian instructed law-enforcement bodies to “urgently undertake necessary legal procedures in order to reveal the circumstances of the crash within their authority, in cooperation with the relevant bodies of the Russian Federation.”

Sarkisian has also instructed officials to propose a program aimed at increasing the security of inter-state bus transportation between Armenia and Russia.




Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Moscow-Yerevan Bus Crash Kills at Least 8