Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Ministry Responds to Azerbaijani Army Colonel

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NKR Defense Ministry building (Source: Armenpress)

NKR Defense Ministry building (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)— Ministry of Defense of Nagorno Karabakh Republic referred to the comments of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry spokesperson made on December 8 at the request of  “Eni Musavat” newspaper. According to what was informed to “Armenpress” from the NKR Defense Ministry’s press service, the statement particularly mentions:

“Today, the spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry again delivered pearls of wisdom to the Azerbaijani public commenting on the situation on contact line at the request of “Eni Musavat” newspaper. Particularly, referring to the tense situation on the contact line of the recent days, chief Azerbaijani propagandist accused the Armenian side in destabilizing the situation and in unconstructive behavior, not being lazy to mention that Armenia suffered the loss of over 100 servicemen only in November, but they are hiding the facts.

It is no longer a secret for anyone that Azerbaijan is the initiator of front line escalations and ceasefire violations”.

The statement that Azerbaijan is the initiator of instability is proved by the rejection by official Baku to install mechanisms to investigate border incidents and withdraw snipers. Therefore, blaming Armenia for inciting escalation is, mildly spoken, absurd.

“But that the one responsible for press service at Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry suffers from amnesia is interesting news. Particularly, the statement issued by Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry press service on December 5 of the current year mentions that Armenia has suffered over 100 casualties since the start of the year but 3 days later they announce that Armenia suffered over 100 casualties only in November. This means that Dargahli announces and denies himself after some days.

NKR Defense Ministry informs that the statements issued by the Azerbaijani army colonel do not correspond to reality. Those are the product of his morbid imagination and are cheap propaganda tricks. Defense Army has always worked transparently and provided information on the situation on the front line and developments”, reads NKR Defense Ministry statement.

Source: Asbarez
Link: Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Ministry Responds to Azerbaijani Army Colonel