Night Vision Technology to be Produced in Armenia

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Binocular night vision goggles on a flight helmet (Photo: Spc. Gary A. Bryant)

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Armenia’s Minister of the Economy and member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council Artsvik Minasyan announced on July 14 that military-grade night and thermal vision devices will soon be manufactured in Armenia.

“It is scheduled that in the second year of the project, the exports will amount approximates five million [USD], and in the fifth year, around 12 million,” Minasyan said. Unicom Engineering was granted an operator’s permit to produce the devices during the July 14 session of the Armenian government, reported Armenia’s ArmenPress news outlet.

Minasyan also announced that during the first year, the company will manufacture and export up to 1,000 devices and that they will mainly be exported to Russia.

It was reported that during the five years of the implementation of the project, the investment will amount over 31 million USD.

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Night Vision Technology to be Produced in Armenia