Poem: Hudavendigar

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From the Armenian Weekly 2017 Magazine Dedicated to the 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


Beloved city!

So much green everywhere,

So much history.

The mosques, the churches, the temples, the bedestens

Beloved Hudavendigar!


Some were leaving their homes to go to the hamam;

Others were shopping at Koza Han, buying silk and gold.

Some women were busy taking care of silkworms;

Some men were in the printing house setting the weekly Armenian newspaper ready for publication.


Sarkis and Garabed were out on the street playing mischievously as usual.

Shakeh and Armine were at home helping their mother.

We were about to sit down to have a meal together,

Some dolma and tarhana soup.

The children would later go from house to house for Churpoteek…

People will douse them with water, it’s Vartavar.

They will get soaked, laugh, and have fun.


Where are they now?

O beloved Uludag, didn’t you see where they went?

Iznik, didn’t you realize people stopped fishing in your waters?

Where are the people of the villages?

People of Soloz or Keramet?

Why the silence?

You witnessed what happened.


Great grandma, great grandpa,

Where were you?

Didn’t you hear?

They sent your neighbors away.

Where did they go?

Where did they sleep?

Did they have enough to eat?

And their babies?

Are they alive?


Uludag you stand so tall and strong

Iznik your waters are so still

Say something!

Where are they?!


Now it’s just ghosts everywhere.

Villages, cities, lakes, and rivers are quiet.


Blood then, blood now.

Blood still running.

And beloved city


It remains in our dreams.


By Gaye Ozpinar

Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Poem: Hudavendigar