Poem: Snow Covered Roses

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(Photo: Ravi Pinisetti)

The last of the roses

Peek from blankets of snow

That have transformed

The faded Autumn scenery

Into a landscape of shimmering white.


The roses—red, pink, peach, and yellow—

Were planted by my Love,

Now mementos of his joyful labor,

And all the years we walked, talked, laughed in our garden,

And all the cups of tea we drank,

And walnuts, dates, and figs we ate

Each day at four o’clock.


The garden will be lonely now without him,

But every time I walk among the roses,

Touch their shiny green leaves,

Stroke their soft petals, and inhale their sweet fragrance,

I will relive the days he planted them,

And in his sweet voice announced

With that big smile of his and twinkle in his eyes,

“Roses, just for you!”


And now, on his Resting Place I lay a bouquet of flowers

And whisper, “Roses, just for you!”


Source: Armenian Weekly
Link: Poem: Snow Covered Roses